Better Marketing For Your School, Free School Or Academy

Marketing is more important than ever for schools today.  If you are keen to:

  1. reach your enrolment targets
  2. encourage good teachers to come to work for you
  3. find the right people to join your school’s governing body
  4. find new sponsors and additional funding for your school
  5. build your school’s reputation locally
  6. promote your school nationally and internationally

we can help you to achieve your goals.

The Adams Consultancy Ltd is a company specialising in marketing communications and in helping schools to market themselves more effectively. The company was founded by former teachers.  All our directors are ex-teachers. We understand school leaders’ aspirations and we know how to help you to market your school cost-effectively and successfully.

Find out how to improve your marketing quickly by downloading our smarter marketing guide: 77 Ways To Market Your School.

You may also like to read Margaret Adams’ book: Marketing For School Leaders.

Read the school marketing articles you will find on this site and get in touch when you are ready to move your school’s marketing forward. We would love to help you to sell your school!

Are You On LinkedIn?

Today more and more public sector professionals are recognising the value of LinkedIn.  You may already be on LinkedIn, but are you making the most of what LinkedIn has to offer?

Stop putting things off!  Get your LinkedIn profile and all your online biographies updated quickly.

At The Adams Consultancy Ltd we have helped hundreds of professionals to use their LinkedIn presence to advance their careers. We can help to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.  We can help you to build your status and credibility  online.

Your LinkedIn Profile Written By A Professional

Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams

I am Margaret Adams and I have worked with hundreds of people on improving their LinkedIn presence.

I have trained groups and individuals to get more out of LinkedIn. I have also helped school leaders, professionals and people starting out in their careers to build their online presence using LinkedIn.

Draw on my experience to help you to make the most of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Here at The Adams Consultancy Ltd our most popular LinkedIn profile optimization service is for busy professionals like you who want to make an impact via LinkedIn quickly.  The service includes:

  • a review of your current LinkedIn profile
  • a new professional headline (written by us ready for you to upload)
  • guidance on creating a vanity URL to make your profile more user-friendly
  • a new summary section (written by us ready for you to upload)
  • text describing your current and previous roles to demonstrate your expertise and your achievements effectively (text for three roles included)
  • a list of relevant skills and expertise to include in your profile
  • text for additional sections, for example, projects, publications etc.

You can buy this service online now.

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